Broker Course


Empower Yourself Through Being a Broker!





Broker Course

$350 In Person and ONLINE COURSE

~Be the Light!~ “School Online Agent Rising!” Live and Online Education Course for your Broker License. Being a Broker opens doors for you, and enhances your professionalism! We’ve made it so that you can work at your own pace as much as possible. We’re here by live chat  (508-728-3648) and email  any questions! 

online_class_iconIndependent Online Learning

19 hrs. of 'Showcase'


Live Instruction

21 hrs. of Live Zoom Webinars

5*Optional BONUS 10 Hours of RISE Training

Live and Independent Training on becoming a Broker Professional.

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                  Online Independent Learning. 19 hours independent learning on your own time!


Live Webinars

21  Live Zoom  Hours
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Live Replay

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Glossary of Terms


Featuring a Glossary of Real Estate Terms along with their definitions to make your studying easier and more convenient. Simply Download this onto your iPad or smart phone and be able to study from anywhere!

Use this list to record yourself and listen to YOU as you study!

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Key Point Review

What is most important in each Unit of the Text book? Think of this as the Highlight Reel! Audio yourself... learn from the best! 

 Download this onto your iPad or smart phone and be able to study anywhere!

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